Saturday, May 17, 2008

Little Miss. Sunshine

Since I finished the blog template for Stuck in the Seatbelt so quickly today I was inspired to work on something for a my good friend Patty. Last night we had a girl's night out at Starbucks and the topic of blogs came up! She didn't tell me she wanted me to work on her blog but she did mention how she was getting tired of so much pink and wanted something in browns, pinks, greens and I think Blues. Again I have NO idea if she wants a blog makeover but maybe after she sees what I've come up with she will want the full makeover!! So here you go Patty!! This is special just for you!!

What do you think? So far this header was the most challenging but I am pleased with the end result! Patty do you notice the special something just for YOU?!

I was thinking maybe we could use this as a background...

Well Little Miss Sunshine, I hope you like it!! Let me know if you want me to keep going with your blog makeover!!

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