Sunday, May 25, 2008

In the Wheelhouse

My sister Amy has trusted me to work on her blog, In the wheelhouse. When asked what she wanted, she told me something simple, bright, bold and NOT GIRLY!! Unlike me, Amy is not a real fan of pink, flowers or frilly things. She's more of a tomboy who's athletic and likes simple things. Her family is a crazy sports family! Between soccer and hockey they are always on the go. With that and the title of her blog, In the Wheelhouse, I came up with a sports theme! And it's definitely NOT girly!! It's a start! Here's what I have so far!! Amy let me know what you think!!
I was thinking we could do this for a background. It might be too distracting though. One thing Ames mentioned is she wanted something simple for the background. So we will just have to try the stripes and see what you think!!

I went with stripes because it made me think of a referee!!

Ok It's time to get started!!

1 comment:

babisabl said...

hi! I like the stripes and their colour.can you show me how u put them as a background?
thanks anyway!