Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bon's Blog

I am just working on a design for my dear Friend Bonnie. She has asked me to play around with her blog. So this morning I've been working on a header for her.

So here we go Bonnie! Now that I have your header I am going to start playing around with the template. I was thinking this for a background:
Maybe this:

This will be the color of the main body:
Maybe Purple, Bonnie's Favorite Color!!

I think we have everything we need to get started! So let me know what you think, Bonnie!!


Unknown said...

Love the header, can't choose between the 1st and last background. I love purple, so which ever one you think goes best with the header will be fine by me!

Jenieshell said...

I am so glad you like the header. I like the last one the best too. I tried it with the header and thought it was a little too much purple. I am going to play with the header a little to see if I can make it contrast a little and then we will see if you like it!!

Thanks for letting me play with your blog!!