Friday, April 10, 2009

Scrolling Blog Buttons

Update: There are several comments below about problems with only the first 3 buttons scrolling and it starting over!! Well, I too ran into that problem when working on a blog makeover. Honestly I am not sure exactly what was causing the problem. I had to remove the widget and reinstall the code. It seemed to work! I am sorry I don't have a technical answer, I'd just say if you still running into this problem. Remove the widget and start again! If I figure out why it's doing this I'll let you know!!

-----------Original Post----------------

I recently learned how to create a widget where all my favorite blog buttons can scroll through a smaller space on my sidebar therefore making it look less cluttered!

They scroll like this:

Here's a how YOU can make your blog buttons SCROLL too!!

1. Go into your layout page and click on Add a New Gadget

2. Choose HTML/Javascript

3. Add the following code in the text box:

<center><div class="textwidget"><marquee direction="up" width="200" onmouseover="this.stop()" scrollamount="5" onmouseout="this.start()" height="400" align="center"> THIS IS WHERE YOU ADD THE HTML CODES FOR YOUR FAVORITE BUTTONS! (You can add as many as you like!) </marquee></div>

The colors in red can be adjusted to fit the space on your sidebars.

The number 5 in yellow adjusts the speed of how quickly the buttons will scroll! The higher the number the faster they will GO!

4. Click save and Viola!!

Enjoy your scrolling buttons and a lot less clutter on your blog!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

JDC goes Springy!!

As I mentioned last week I've been working on a new look for this site!! It's Springy and I am happy with the end result!! I really like the cute little caterpillar!! Isn't he cute!! I have to give a shout out to Andrea! She's the one that create this amazing kit called Think Spring!! As soon as I saw it I knew I'd have to play with it!!

I did however create the blue stripped background and the pink bird on my own! Maybe one day I'll be as good of a graphic designer as Andrea!! (I highly doubt it, but a girl can dream right?)