Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Two Coins

I am still working on Jenny's blog, A Tale of Two Coins. Here are some pictures I was working on for her sidebar. Jenny let me know what you think!! We are getting close to the final product!!


Jenny, I am not sure why Blogger is putting a white border abound the picture in with the borders. I am pretty sure I can get it to work right when we put it in the sidebar! I am really tired, I think I am calling it a night for tonight!!



Amy said...

It looks good so far to me Jen. But I was reading the part at the top about it not being sad and something about Happy. That part just looks a little different may be the wording. Not sure I hope I am not being rude by saying that. If so sorry.

Jen said...

Thanks Amy,

I am always open to suggestions!! I don't always see the flaws or mistakes. Can you be more specific. Is it the actual words, or does the font look different.Should it be reworded? Help??



Soapchick said...

It looks AWESOME! I love the lacy, antique look! Very, very pretty!

One tiny little spelling mistake in the header - unexpectedly is missing the last e.

Looks great!